A gourmet restaurant in Lille old town in France

Located a few blocks from the old town of Lille, Le Couvent des Minimes hotel has a high-quality restaurant. Le Jardin du Cloître offers a gastronomic cuisine that is both delightful and seductive.

A restaurant with a charming décor in old district of Lille

Located at Quai du Wault in Lille, Le Couvent des Minimes is a hotel restaurant that enjoys a privileged location. Located only a few steps from the old town of Lille, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll before or after enjoying the cuisine of the Jardin du Cloître. You are seduced as soon as you enter this magnificent restaurant. Indeed, everything here is great. Located under an impressive glass roof, the Jardin du Cloître offers a unique setting, with remarkable dimensions and a tasteful decoration. Refined and romantic, the setting is ideal for a most successful meal, in a room as spacious as it is bright. From elegant tableware to modern and designer lighting, everything is thought out in detail to create an irresistible atmosphere, as is the cuisine that the chef and his team skilfully create.

Le Jardin du Cloître, a refined cuisine

Led with brio by chef Dominique Hochedez and his team, the Jardin du Cloître offers a cuisine that delights all taste buds and especially the most demanding. The menu features classic and refined cuisine with a welcome touch of modernity. The restaurant's team prepares dishes that honour tradition while being slightly revisited. Each dish is designed with the best products available, and most often local. This restaurant in Lille Old town offers "homemade" dishes, which offer a real explosion of authentic flavours.

Perfect glazed with foie gras with a raspberry heart, a duo of green and white asparagus, lacquered langoustines with their bisque, Arctic char cooked in a stew, all tasty dishes proposed by the chef and his team. In order to meet all expectations, vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available.

If the gastronomy of the Jardin du Cloître is succulent, it is also beautiful. Indeed, each plate benefits from a training as subtle as it is delicious to look at.

The restaurant of this 4-star hotel in Lille is a flawless one, from its decoration to the content of the plates.

Where to eat in the Old Lille ? Go to the Jardin du Cloître of the Couvent des Minimes

The Couvent des Minimes is this incredible 4 star hotel in the city center. It owes its reputation in part to this magnificent 900 m2 glass roof. But what is hidden underneath this masterly room that makes this establishment so charming and special? Underneath, there is probably the most striking restaurant in Old Lille. It is striking because of its gastronomic menu, the youth and the dynamism of the brigade who have been able to give the classics of gastronomy a new look. But you will also be impressed by the glass roof, which fits perfectly into the interior walls of this former convent. The room of this restaurant in the Old Lille is a show in itself, especially since a suspended terrace adds a grandiose side to an already amazing installation. Well-worked plates, gastronomic cuisine, inspiring decor, there is no doubt that eating at the Jardin du Cloître, the restaurant of the Couvent des Minimes is more than a good idea, it is an experience that goes beyond the culinary.

The Couvent des Minimes, more than a restaurant in Old Lille

If the restaurant impresses you, and it will, wait until you discover the bars that complete the gourmet offer of this 4 star hotel. First of all, there is obviously the Clos Champenois. This is the champagne bar installed halfway between the floor and the majestic glass roof. The champagne is honored there. From well-known names to nuggets to be discovered, by the glass or by the bottle for your meetings with friends, from open rates to exceptional rates, everyone can come and take the high road. An exceptional service, a privileged view, once again this restaurant in Old Lille leaves no one indifferent. And if ever champagne is not your preference, or if you are afraid of heights, opt for l'Echiquier. This other bar of the Couvent des Minimes allows you to choose a more diversified menu where champagne is joined by whiskies or cocktails. A snack menu will also allow you to stop wondering where to eat in Old Lille.

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