Couvent des Minimes, an island of luxury in the heart of Lille

Lille is a city with a rich historical heritage that never misses an opportunity to showcase it. So, for a stay in the capital of Flanders, it's essential to choose the Hotel Couvent des Minimes, one of the city's most renowned 4-star hotels.

Hotel Couvent des Minimes Lille, a place steeped in history

Staying in a hotel with a long history is always a wonderful opportunity. With every step you take, you can feel the weight of the centuries radiating through the walls, discovering in every room a piece of local culture, an anecdote from history. You feel you're in a protected world. And that's exactly where the the Hotel Couvent des Minimes. Built between 1622 and 1638, this convent has long been home to a serene atmosphere. Although it was transformed into a luxury hotel in the early 90s, the 4-star Couvent des Minimes remains a place where you can feel at peace. The history, the decor, the colors, the rooms, the very structure of the establishment with its inner courtyard and passageways, all combine to create a unique, timeless atmosphere.

4-star Hôtel Couvent des Minimes, a luxury hotel like no other

You don't come to the Hôtel Couvent des Minimes by chance. The 75 rooms and 8 suites, ranging in size from 20 to 60 m², have a lot to do with it. The modern comforts, the contemporary yet cosy decor, the marble bathrooms, the living room in the suites, all contribute to a level of comfort you can't help but appreciate, whether you're coming to Lille for business or pleasure. But the Hotel de Lille le Couvent des Minimes is also a pleasure to behold. The interior courtyard structure offers a splendid view of the majestic triangular glass roof overlooking the courtyard. On the ground floor, this is where you'll enjoy the on-site gourmet restaurant. And between the floor and the glass roof hangs the champagne bar. As if levitating in the middle of the courtyard, its location offers a magical view and a unique experience in the heart of the 4-star Couvent des Minimes hotel. Luxurious, intimate, elegant and surprising, it almost makes you forget its ideal location in the heart of Lille, just a stone's throw from the zoo and a few minutes' walk from the hypercentre of Old Lille.

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