Cocktails Lille

Cocktail Régional

17 canapés

per person (drinks not included*)


Savory canapés

Mini Pot’jevleisch

Beer lamb shewer

Mushrooms carpaccio & mimolette cheese

Small chicken brioche

Assortment of small sandwiches

Monts des Cats cheese with Belgian endive

Herring fillet marinated in oil with potatoes

Baby potato from le Touquet with « tapenade »

Lucullus of Valenciennes

Shrimps mini croquette

Baby potato with maroilles

Mimolette cheese & celeriac




Sweet canapés

Fleur de Lys

Mini cherry tart

Apple millefeuille & chicory

Cocktail Saveur



per person (drinks not included*)



Savory canapés

Foie gras shewer with prunes & speculoos

Melon with parma ham shewer

Cherry tomato macaroon

Goat’s cheese & grape pistachio

Cannelloni of seafood with basil & parmesan

Tomato & mozzarella shewer

Belgian endive with Roquefort cheese with pears & walnuts

Tomato & cheese cake

Mini club cake

Tomato, mozzarella & ham panini

Mini hot-dog

Samossa lamb with curry

Mini toasted ham & cheese sandwich

Mini quiche


Sweet canapés

(3 Pieces)

Assortment of sweet canapés

Zone de Texte: Cocktails & Aperitifs : Cocktails Cocktail Gourmand

17 canapés

per person (drinks not included*)


Savory canapés

Shrimp claws and radish

Cecina ham shewer with truffle oil

Grilled scallops with olive oil

Lucullus foie gras with gingerbread

Roll of Parma ham & parmigiani cheese

Trilogy of tomatoes

Crepe filled with smoked salmon

Fried king prawns sweet and hot

Mini burger with pan sauteed foie gras & raspberries

Mini vegetables quiche

Assortment of Chinese Dim Sum

Chicken satay shewer


Sweet canapés

Raspberry tartlet

Fresh fruit shewer

Macaroon assortment


Complementary snacking 
Minimal basis of 10 persons

(per person)
2 toasts
5 toast 
7 toast

Garnished 1/2 brioches
30 portions

½ Brioche: Crab

½ Brioche: Smoked Salmon



Surprise breads
56 portions

All vegetables
(Cucumber, Tomato, Grated Carrots, Celery, Salad)

The Mix
Rosette(sausage from the Lyon region), Salami, Mortadelle, Garlic and fine herbes, Mimolette cheese, Goat's cheese

(Butter and smoked salmon)


Drinks for cocktails
Suggestion du Couvent

Crémant d'Alsace
(1 bottle for 5 persons)
Blackcurrant Liqueur
Orange and Tomato Juices

Suggestion de l’Échiquier

House champagne
(1 bottle for 5 persons)
Orange and Tomato Juice
Coca-Cola et Tonic
Water, Perrier & Mineral water

Suggestion n° 1

House white wine
House red wine
Mineral water, coffee

Suggestion n° 3

White wine "Sancerre Blanc"
Red wine "Saint - Emilion Grand Cru"
Mineral water, coffee



Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health To consume with moderation 

Suggestion du Cloître

House Champagne
(1 bottle per 5 persons)
Whisky (1 bottle)
Coca Cola & Coca cola Light & Tonic
Fruit juice
Perrier & Mineral water

Suggestion Alliance

Champagne Moët & Chandon 
(1 bottle per 5 persons)
Porto & Martini
Campari & Suze
Orange and Tomato juice
Coca-Cola et Tonic water
Perrier & Mineral water

Suggestion n° 2

White wine "Bourgogne Chardonnay Sœur Cadette"
Red Wine" Bordeaux-Haut Médoc"
Mineral water, coffee
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