Special Easter menu

Pre-lunch snack
Marinated Kernel of scallops,
fi ne watercress and mumpfi sh roe mousse
Floating island with fl akes of truffl es
Foie gras and smoked duck breast fi let shavings
Fisherman’s platter
(Breaded king prawns, variegated scallops, crab’s in ravigote)
Fine shrimps mousse
Saddle of lamb covered with parsley, spicy pork sausage with red pepper sauce
Bundled spring vegetables
Filet of sea bream, rong of asparagus white and green
White butter sauce fl avoured with citrus fruit
Blackcurrant chocolate easter egg
Caramel dessert and crisp beads
Domaine Deshenrys Sauvignon Chardonnay vdp blanc
Côtes du Rhône Les Brottiers rouge
mineral water
Coffee and chcolat delicacies

62.00€ per personns
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